Not All Heros Wear Helemets


Monday, January 2 at Paycor Stadium in Cincinnati, Buffalo Bills safety, Damar Hamlin’s, life was flipped upside down. Following the sudden collision of Damar Hamlin and Cincinnati wide receiver Tee Higgins, the force of Hamlin’s tackle caused him to go into cardiac arrest, which ultimately lead the NFL to suspend the game.
The tragic incident began with Hamlin, a defender for the Buffalo Bills, making a clean tackle against wide receiver Higgins. After the play, Hamlin is seen standing up after the hit, however just seconds later, Hamlin collapsed backwards onto the field in front of thousands. Fans from both teams came together in high hopes and prayers for the young 24-year old. Following Hamlins’ collapse, Bills players surrounded Hamlin as the Bills medical staff took instant action.
Early Tuesday morning the Bills released, ““Damar Hamlin suffered a cardiac arrest following a hit in our game versus the Bengals. His heartbeat was restored on the field and he was transferred to the UC Medical Center for further testing and treatment, he is currently sedated and listed in critical condition.” Hamlin was administered CPR on the field in front of thousands of fans and live television. What was thought to be an even tackle between Hamlin and Higgins ended up being a life threatening event but due to the quick rush of athletic administrators they were able to save Damar Hamlin’s life.
The Bill’s medical staff are heroes. The immediate reaction of Bills athletic administrators changed the sports world and are the reason that Damar Hamlin is on his feet today. They not only were prepared and came to action swiftly, but administered the life saving procedure CPR that was the key to Hamlin’s survival.
NBC sports wrote, “The staff included head Athletic Trainer Nate Breske, Assistant Athletic Trainer Denny Kellington, Physical Therapist Joe Micca, Assistant Athletic Trainer Tabani Richards, Medical Director Dr. Leslie Bisson, team internist Dr. Tom White, team internist Dr. Mark Kim, team orthopedist Dr. Marc Fineberg, Director of Sports Performance Joe Collins, team sports psychologist Dr. Desaree Festa, and athletic training intern Marissa Figueroa. The team revived the 24 year old player back to life before being transported to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center.”
The result could have been much different if it wasn’t for Kellington’s administration and knowledge of CPR. According to Sports Illustrated, the CPR was absolutely vital in saving Hamlin’s life. Many assume that if reaction was just seconds later that results would not be in favor of Hamlin, but CPR was administered less than under a minute after he collapsed and the Bills athletic team performed resuscitation for nine minutes. Cincinnati Health physician Dr. William Knight said, “It just speaks really to the immediate recognition that there was something significantly and seriously wrong by the Bills medical staff. We cannot credit their team enough.” The staff has been honored for their immediate reaction and efforts toward saving Hamlin’s life and recognized before the start of the Bills vs. New England Patriots game, where they stood on the 30 yard line in honor of Damar Hamlin who wore number 3. The medical staff highlighted the seriousness of Hamlin’s injury, and marked history in the world of sports for their life saving efforts during a live game.