Do You Like Scary Movies?


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Ghost Face is an infamous character in the horror movie world.

Everybody scream, for this is Halloween! Nothing sets the mood for the season like a scary movie. Like how Christmas movies make you feel warm and fuzzy inside, good Halloween movies make you frightened and on the edge of your seat, as you wonder whether or not the killer will get away with his crimes. Here are some Halloween themed movies that are perfect for having a scare with your family or friends.

1. Scream – Ah, yes. The movie that’s so iconic, it’s the new standard for the slasher genre. While this movie isn’t terrifying, Scream is perfect for viewers who enjoy laughing at the face of evil. The plot to Scream is as basic and typical, as far as horror movies go, but it’s perfect because the movie is smart and self-aware; it takes the tired horror tropes and turns them into cheap thrills for our movie-obsessed killer, Mr. Ghostface. Scream is a movie that anyone can enjoy, and it’s definitely a must watch for those who enjoy meta storytelling as a whole.

2. The Nightmare Before Christmas – Once again, another classic that now every year, “This is Halloween” is blasted at every Halloween party. The Nightmare Before Christmas follows Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town, as he struggles to cope with the boredom Halloween brings him after doing it for endless years. After another Halloween celebration, Jack drifts off into the mysterious forest, and he later finds a circle of unique doors: a turkey shaped door, a heart shaped door, a four leaf clover shaped door, and more. However, one door in particular caught Jack’s eye: a door in the shape of a tree, decorated in sparkling ornaments. He opens the door and enters the world of Christmas Town, and the story unfolds when he finally gets his hands on the cheery holiday. The Nightmare Before Christmas is enjoyable for anyone who loves musicals and movies that are very unique and not like your typical Halloween (or Christmas) movie.

3. A Quiet Place – If you are looking for a horror movie that will genuinely give you the thrill, scares, and unpredictability, watch A Quiet Place. The movie follows a family who lives in silence because if they dare make a single sound, death comes their way. However, the danger is worse because of the children in the family. The two protagonists Evelyn and Lee desperately search for a way to protect their kids, while also fighting back against the monsters. A Quiet Place is a scary movie with hardly any dialogue. It’s all the emotional connections between the characters and the lack of sound that gets viewers deeply immersed so that they too feel the need to stay quiet to prevent a jumpscare. One thing that can either make or break a horror movie is how predictable it is, and A Quiet Place is a movie that definitely takes viewers by surprise.

4. Us – If you want another horror movie that is niche and original, then watch Us. The movie follows a woman named Adelaide Wilson, who returns to her childhood home with her husband and children. After the family’s arrival, Adelaide is haunted by a traumatic event she experienced when she was young and grows very concerned that something bad will happen again. Unfortunately for her, her nightmares become a reality when she meets a group of masked strangers, forcing the Wilson family to fight for their survival. Us is not only original, but it’s also the kind of movie that has you sitting on the edge of your seat, which is perfect for horror movie fanatics.

Whether you’re with friends or watching them on your own time, those movies would undoubtedly give you the right amount of chills and thrills you need for Spooky Season. You know what they say, “Life’s no fun without a good scare.”