Student Spotlight: Piper Wheaton


Virginia Unglesby '25

Piper Wheaton works diligently on her work.

Student’s commitment to extracurricular activities extends far beyond the Hutchison School campus.

Piper Wheaton ‘25 is a dedicated gymnast who has participated in the sport since she was 9 years old. Participating in a sport outside of school can present a challenge with time management, especially when the practices may last up to four hours, so spending her time wisely is key. “The long practices can be long and tiring, so scheduling time to do my work is always important,” says Wheaton.

At a typical practice, Piper runs, stretches, does basics, and then focuses on an event. She participates in many events such as vault, bar, beam, and floor. When asked which event is her favorite, Piper said, “My favorite event changes a lot because they are all so unique in their own way, but currently it is the beam.” She also said there are so many other things she loves about being in the gym. One of those things is her being one of the older girls at her gym, she poses as a role model everyday for the younger gymnast. Piper said , “I love getting to know the younger girls and help them improve their skills”

Balancing athletics and school can be a challenge. Piper believes that her strong work ethic helps her balance all that is important at school and with gymnastics. She emphasizes the importance of using study halls, “My advice to student athletes is that even though working hard is a long process, the payoff is worth it.” She hopes to be a level ten and possibly continue gymnastics at a college level in the future.