The Return of the Grizzlies


The best season of the year has officially arrived: the Memphis Grizzlies have officially returned! With a successful season last year, thousands of Grizzlies fans hope to have an even better season with the ultimate goal of featuring in the NBA finals. With new additions to the team and sad departures from some players, the Grizzlies are entering a new era of basketball that will hopefully have a positive impact on the team. 

So far, the Grizzlies have remained fairly strong, beating several strong teams. Star player Ja Morant has only improved from the previous year, scoring 49 points in his game against the Rockets and making a franchise record by scoring 82 points in his first 2 games of the season. Some people believe he may be a contender for the most valuable player in the NBA. However, the Grizzlies’ success is not only because of him. Their team is known for being very well rounded, and every player has major importance. In fact, an ESPN report just came with a study that says the Grizzlies will be the #1 team within the next 3 seasons. Their high goals can be seen in an interview with Morant who said, “Number one, win a championship. I feel like that’s the main goal for me, even though that’s a team goal. I feel like winning is the most important thing.”

 In past years, the Grizzlies have united Memphis because they all share the same desire: to win. While Memphis remains a relatively dangerous city with high amounts of crime, this team allows citizens to have pride in where they live. After a win, people from Memphis unite and celebrate over something they all feel passionate about. This can especially be seen at the FedEx forum, where the home games take place. The arena is a bustling and social environment where people can make friends and bond over their interest in basketball. People who may not know each other well can talk long amounts of time about the Grizzlies because there is so much happening as they have improved substantially from previous seasons. Junior Caroline Farmer said, “I’ve supported the Grizzlies as a child, and now that they are doing well it’s so exciting. I also love seeing Hutchison girls at games because it helps me bond with other girls in my grade.”

Many Hutchison girls love supporting the Grizzlies, and they are typically very interested in the team and how they are doing. In fact, there are usually a couple of Hutchison girls at every home game, and sometimes they are even featured on the jumbotron! Junior Amelia Crabtree said, “I absolutely love watching the Grizzlies, especially Steven Adams. He’s my favorite player.”

While everyone may not know the Grizzlies, they are a key aspect of the Memphis environment. They help form communities, create new relationships, and provide entertainment when Memphis is going through tough times. Blair Mellone said, “The Grizzlies are such an important part of my family, and I hope they continue to be for the rest of my life.”