Tennessee v.s. Ole Miss


Garner Smythe

Tennessee fans cheering on their team on at the Tennessee v. Ole Miss game

Ole Miss and Tennessee had a close game in the Neyland stadium in Knoxville Tennessee. Ole Miss did beat Tennessee in a close game by them winning by 5 points. Both teams played hard and never gave up. The crowd at the game was very energized and emotional, for both teams.

There were also some major things that happened at the game. Ole Miss had leg cramps almost every play and towards the end of the game Tennessee got so mad some of their fans started throwing trash on the field.

Besides the leg cramps and the trash on the field the game was close and very entertaining. There were chants, cheers, and so much celebrating.

Cramping is a big part of sports. They do happen often but not every play. One thing that is not talked about enough is that almost anytime a team is gaining momentum Ole Miss gets a leg cramp. When they played Tennessee on October 16, 2020 they got a leg cramp and had to have an injury timeout right after Tennessee was gaining momentum.

Was this just a coincidence or was it planned? Leg cramps are normal during football games. Tennessee had a few cramps but not as many as Ole Miss.

There were a few real injuries like when Matt Corral (Ole Miss quarterback) had to leave the game for a while. Then Hendon Hooker (Tennessee’s quarterback) and Cade Mays (Tennessee offensive linemen) did not return back to the game.

Throwing trash on the field was out of an emotion from the Tennessee fans. During the last 50 seconds of the game the Tennessee fans got so angry and started throwing trash onto the field.

When the ref reviewed a play made by a Tennessee Player. After he reviewed the play he didn’t call it a first down which made the Tennessee fans angry. They thought if they would have gotten the first down, then they would have won the game.

They were also really mad at the Ole Miss Coach because of all the timeouts he would call to ice out the kicker. He called three time outs just to get the kicker off guard.

The fans were also angry because the Ole Miss players were getting leg cramps almost every time Tennessee would get momentum. Then they would have to call an injury time out, which would try to throw the players off.