JoJo Siwa’s Debut on Dancing with the Stars


Dancing with the Stars

Jojo Siwa holding hands with her partner Jennah Johnson on Dancing with the Stars

18-year-old, Jojo Siwa, has made history being “Dancing with the Stars” first contestant competing with the same sex. This once in a lifetime opportunity was presented to current dancer and performer, Siwa, to dance with another female, which has never been done before. On Monday’s episode of “Dancing with the Stars” Siwa stated, This is a whole new ball game for me. I’ve never done anything ballroom before. It’s a learning experience that I’m more than ready for.”

 Siwa has been competing with Jennah Johnson, who is a 27 year old dancer and choreographer. Over the past months of rehearsal, both dancers have formed a powerful relationship In an interview with “ExtraTv” Johnson states, “Females understand one another. You understand these hormones, the aspects of life, and these emotions.” Johnson argues that the connection that she and Siwa share on the dance floor is stronger than anyone she has danced with before.

Siwa and Johnson have sparked a conversation regarding opportunities for performers in the LGBTQ community. Both Siwa and Johnson have opened up a new sensation of chemistry between dancers that has been discovered by dancing with one another. A better understanding of how the body moves, feels, and reacts to certain situations on and off the dance floor are all positive products from this new change in the organization 

Prior to Siwa’s appearances on “Dancing with the Stars,” there was no talk amongst the ideas of contestants competing with their same sex.  Siwa serves as a key advocate, while she takes a stand in expressing her outlook on boy and girl normalized dancing.  In an Interview with “ENEWS” Siwa says, “It’s normal for a girl to dance with a guy, and I think that that’s really cool, but I think that it’s really special that not only now, do I get to share with the world you get to love who you want to love, but also, you get to dance with who you want to dance with.”

In an interview with Sophomore Adela Calzada she stated, “ I think it is honestly the coolest thing that has been done on Dancing with the Stars yet. I dance all the time with other girls because there are typically more girls in the studio than there are boys. Learning how to dance with girls makes me feel more comfortable to make mistakes and overall have a better bonding experience.”  

Through the years, Siwa has conveyed messages through her actions towards people, clothing, and attitude.  Siwa has started conversations about changing the hypocritical and sexist views of society.  She has contributed to history by helping normalize same-sex contestants in “Dancing with the Stars” Being the first woman to ever compete with another, Siwa is a role model to children worldwide and hopes to change society’s views.